The Match is Struck

The match is struck.

The plot is set.

The trap is waiting.

Run, run,run away.

Don’t look this way,

just run away.

When the sunlight appears,

don’t shade your eyes.

When the night calls,

don’t cry.

Another love will find you soon.

Just wait.

The flower will bloom.

The match is struck.

The plot is set.

The trap is waiting.

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What haunts my mind so that I believe I am,

like Alice in Wonderland?

Is it wrong to be like this?

To be tormented with perpetual bliss.

Sanity locked away in the corners of my mind

as if it committed a crime.

My words are so straight

they are bent in a loop.

People fear me because

they know what I say is true.

Maybe it is not I who is crazy,

but it is you.



Down, in a Rabbit (w)hole

This was so beautiful. A writer’s soul stuck me in the heart with this.

A Writer's Soul

Alice chose to fall down with the rabbit, to be lost to the madness of wonderland.
I refuse to give into insanity, the grief of maddens and depravity,
For an unsound mind will never sway a righteous heart,
Oh, but how naïve I was. Fairy-tales are always much darker than depicted,
Wonderland was but a blessing to my chaotic mind,
A trick Alice must have learned from her beloved Hatter.

The looking glass cuts so deep that the Cheshire cannot help but grin,
And the clock begins to tick as crazy and mindless as the minutes that do not pass.
Half past Tea Time, the liquid spills unto the saucer.
So sing with the roses and tulips and lilies,
A song so deadly, the Duchess clings to her crying babe, Alice shuts her ears tight.
Lets hope they don’t smother you in their lyrical game,
For the flowers here in…

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Ghost Ship

Sailing across a misty sea

what my poor eyes did see.

Upon  dark water

came floating,

a transparent ship.

Without crew it flew

above the depths.

It headed right for me

and fear took hold.

Its cannons rose and low and behold

it hit my ship, the Destiny.

She crackled and spit

and out with it.

We sunk to the bottom of the Black Sea.

And now I’m the captain,

the ruler of seas,

sailing on the Ghost Ship.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to the poor and rich.

I hope that snow fills your street

and warmth fills your heart.

I hope that presents and stockings

make you happy.

But I hope you don’t forget,

that Jesus died for you.

And Christmas is the day to

celebrate his birth.

Merry Christmas and God bless.


You found him in an empty alley.

You took him home and gave it a life.

Now the dog is your best friend.

He follows your every move.

He guards the door and keeps you safe.

Dogs are men’s’ best friend.

What would we do with out them?


Summer’s Past

Gold and Sun were once great fun.

But then the summer was gone.

I walk to the water of

A thin layer of ice,

sheer and sheen,

covers the lake of summer’s past.

Happy Halloween!!

Hey, happy Halloween everybody!! I’m sorry I didn’t get any scary stories out. Instead of a story or poem lets do something fun. I’m going to ask a question and if you want to you can answer.
What is your Halloween tradition?
If you want leave your answer in the comments.
Happy Halloween.

Calling All the Broken Hearts

Calling all the broken hearts,

whose pains are works of art.

Calling all the broken hearts,

who need a fresh start.

Calling all the broken hearts,

whose smile dropped of the charts.

Its time to let go.

So, new dreams you may sow.

Fix yourself up with drops of glue.

I call you now for it is time for a redo.

Calling all the broken hearts,

whose pains are works of art.

Calling all the broken hearts,

who need a fresh start.

Calling all the broken hearts,

whose smile dropped of the charts.

Give back the pain

and unlock the chain

tied around your neck.





The Liebster Award



1: Thank the blog who nominated you and link back to them (don’t forget to comment on this post so I can check out your answers).
2: Make a blog post outlining 11 facts about you,
3: Answer the 11 questions from the blog who nominated you.
4: Prepare 11 questions for those you will nominate.
5: Nominate 11 new bloggers (those who have less than 200 followers) by commenting in one of their blog posts.

Kazelee28’s Questions:

  • 1. If you could call yourself anything, what would you call yourself? Howling Wolf
    2.What brings you the most nostalgia?  The Pacific Ocean
    3. Where do you go/what do you do when you are happy? I go to my room to listen to music. (I know lame)
    4. Where do you go/what do you do when you are sad? I listen to music that makes me feel better like playlist
    5. How would you describe your personality? I’m awkward, little dark, daydreamer, quite, shy, different
    6. Do you consider yourself an ultimately “good” person? ehh
    7. What is your favorite thing about yourself? I love eyes and hair
    8. Do you like to cook or go out to eat? I like to cook but I burn everything. I love to eat out.
    9. Sports? Art? Opinions on the two? Sports are annoying. Art is relaxing and fun.
    10. What are five things you can see around you right now? My favorite hat, my blog, bookshelf, science notebook, paper with pencil shavings on it
    11. WHAT TEAM? Do you mean vampires or werewolves, (the twilight teams) Read the first book but……eh.

My Questions:

  1. What is your favorite animal?
  2. If you had the chance to get close to a dangerous animal, would you?
  3. How would you rename your favorite color? (example: red: velvet red)
  4. What is the true purpose of you blog? (express emotions, encourage others)
  5. Would you go sky diving?
  6. What’s your favorite book?
  7. Would you go bungee jumping?
  8. If you could have two careers what would they be?
  9. Do you pick truth or dare more?
  10. Do big spiders scare you?


  1. Inkgirlworlds
  2. The Hopeful Wanderer
  3. Musewritter
  4. Saved and Blessed
  5. A Farm Girls Life (She actually has a thousand but you should check out her blog anyway.)
  6. Little Girl From Whales
  7. Marioness
  8. SeducimiByPamori
  9. theboguesoul
  10. DIY Arts and Crafts Blog
  11. Boluwaatifee

Well, I’m finished. Enjoy and have fun. -redroseonasnowybench

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