September 2015


Falling leaves.

Graying trees.

September is leaving us once again.

Goodbye warmth,

goodbye green leaves,

and the taste of summer.

Goodbye September.



I fell through the air to the ground.

My crash made a loud sound.

I’m a scattered mess upon the ground.

Beaten and weakened.

Tattered and battered,

I lay upon the ground, shattered.

Watch your step.

Look out for me.

If your foot comes down on me,

my pain will blind you.

You will see.

You feel my pain.

Pieces of me hide in your foot.

Leave me alone.

Let me be.

Leave me in one scattered piece.

Beaten and weakend.

Tattered and battered,

I lay upon the ground shattered.


Beauty is of an essence.

Which all wish to be,

but none truly see.

When we look at one another,

we do not see how the cruel  words dampen ones spirit.

If we all spoke kindly,

you would surely see,

beauty is no longer an essence,

but is held within us all.

Shining like a grinning star.

Moving towards peace,

in such a way,

that would awe us all.


The heart is mistaken for when it is broken it is truly content. When it is content, it is truly broken.


A book is a place where no one can find you and you can find everyone. Hide your nose in the crook and you will find the wonderful mystery within.

Fall for Autumn

Autumn you are here.

You are neither far nor near.

You are here.

Pumpkins smile and pumpkin pie.

Halloween scares and scary tales.

Then November roles around.

Thanksgiving feasts and cherry pies.

Soon I realize that I have fallen for Autumn.

But the fall will go and the winter will come

A Poem of Fright

I ran and ran in the bright moonlight.

I turned around and was scared by the sight.

It’s dripping jowls and ice blue eyes sent a shiver down my spine.

I ran down the hall and began to panic.

And when I turned to look again,

My brother was still behind me.

Happy Birthday

I walked up the beach. The sand squished and stuck to my toes but the cool waves would quickly wash it off.

I sighed and continued to walk away from my house. I felt the sting of tears prick at my eyes. I couldn’t believe that they forgot my birthday. For the last week my 5-year old son and 12-year old daughter had been drilling me on what I wanted and then my birthday roles around and they forget.

My husband never forgot anything. I would forget every holiday except Halloween and Christmas and Derick would always remind me.

I felt really sad about this. A few tears began to spill down my cheeks. But I wiped my eyes and said, “Buck up cowgirl.”

It took me over and hour to walk to my house. When I walked into the kitchen it was 4:00 in the afternoon. The kitchen was empty.

When I walked into the living room a huge surprise was waiting for me. All my friends, my parents, and family were waiting for me. The room was covered with balloons and streamers. On a table in the middle of the room there was a huge pile of presents and a velvet cake.

Now it wasn’t tears of sadness that fell down my face, but instead tears of joy. I hugged everyone and through the rest of the day I smiled, ate cake, and opened presents.

When the party was over and I laid down after praying, I turned to my husband and said, “I love you.”

He turned to me and said, “I love you too. Happy birthday.”

Rare: The Frilled Shark

A “living fossil” this shark was deemed. With an eel-snake like body this creature is close to a sea-serpent. And its sharp teeth lurking in the depths of the ocean add no ease of the mind.

The looks of this shark are a mystic beauty. It’s name comes from the six gills on each every side of the neck. Many rows of white teeth would scare away any one, and its deepish brown may not help your fear but is it really well to judge by the cover?

This shark is well suited to swallow food larger than itself. It mostly eats squid, other sharks and such. Don’t worry there are no attacks on humans that we know of.

This shark doesn’t have interactions with humans as much as with deep fishnets. It does damage to the net and is seen as nothing much except as a pain.

But is it really. This is a magnificent creature. Should we really wipe out a creature just because we don’t like it. Maybe there is more to it than meets the eyes. There is so much more to learn.

This shark is close to extinction. It’s beauty is hidden to some, but some of us it’s there clear as daylight. Living in the deep where we can not see it, keeping its truths from us. Maybe one day we will know more but until then it remains a mysterious “living-fossil.”

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