It doesn’t matter what I do. It seems that no matter what it, I’m just not good enough. I joined the Masons to make a difference, no matter how small. I was thinking it wouldn’t be this hard, though.

And then poof. I’m walking in the woods to get home and I accidently hear familiar voices in the middle of the woods. I headed towards them to see if anyone was in trouble and needed help. But that just wasn’t the case. Before I even saw them, I heard what was really going on.

Of course my desire to do the right thing had jumped in and fuelled me like I was on a full tank of gas. I silently approached the area where the voices were coming from and they came into my sight line. I listened in for a minute, I obviously had no idea what was headed for me next, because I walked right up to them and told them I wanted in.

I could only see one of the guy’s faces because he had stepped right into the moonlight. Venn had threatened me until he was sure I had nothing to lose. Then he gave me a time and a place to be. Told me to be there and disappeared.

I had never done something so stupid in my life. With no idea of what to do, I decided to take some precautions. I went to a pawn shop and bought a gun, then I went to the address I was given.

I was told to go to a forest where the old abandoned log cabin is.

After scouting the area, I took a look inside of the place. When I walked through the door an unpleasant smell greeted me. It smelt like the inside of a closed rotten box that was buried and rotting. When you enter through the door, you walked straight into a den. The coals were still warm and the embers glowed unpleasantly like they were trying to conceal themselves and watch me.

Before I had even left the room, I got cocky and wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. I heard the door swing open and I had less than a second to hide. Luckily I was near the couch. I dove underneath as those familiar voices were reconized by my ears once again.
At first I could not understand what they were saying, but from the sound and heaviness in the room, I knew it was bad. When they moved closer to me I could hear their voices clearer.

“You really want to cut him in?” said the first voice which I recognized as Gension.

“Of course not,” answered Venn, his voice like a knife. Cold and Metallic.

“Then why?” asked the third voice which I did not recognize.

One of them sighed. “This is why I am the boss. We need a fall guy.”

Their voices faded into the next room. As soon as I was sure they were in another room, I snuck out the way I came in.

Once on the road I had a chance to think. I passed one of the Master Mason’s houses and turned back.

I walked up the steps and looked through the window. What I saw astounded me, in the kitchen was Venn and his little group with the Master Mason.

My heart was beating so loud that I feared they could hear me as I snuck over to the window. There was a slight crack in the window. I pushed it up and listened in on their conversation.

After about a minute I got tiered from squatting, so I took a step back. But I stepped on a twig and it made a loud snap. I didn’t even know if they heard me I just hightailed it out of there.

I went home and thought about all I knew. I was the fall guy. Venn and his group plus the Master Mason were going to hoist a bank. I was the fall guy. The place I was supposed to go to was where I was going to take the fall for it. (How I had no idea.)

A light bulb lit over my head. I formed a plan and eimedatly set to work.

I had a friend who works construction and his team had some extra explosives. I visited his house and convinced him to sell me some. Then I took it to the bank and put some on the back wall where they were going to enter the bank.

The next morning was the day the robbing was going to happen. Instead of going to the shed I went to the building above the bank. For hours I watched the bank my adrenaline keeping me awake. Finally I watched them pull up. A man stood guard at the alley way. I pulled out my phone and called the cops.

Before they realized what happened, the swat teams and police swarmed on top of them.

The rest of my story is pretty boring. I just sort of moved out of there after they spilled everything. And now here I am living in a small town in the middle of nowhere. But it could have been worse.