The Sarcastic Fringehead has quite the personality. Know to bite divers and attack other fringeheads, this fish is quite willing to defend it’s home. I wouldn’t stick my hand near this things mouth.

The sarcastic fringehead has a unique look about it. It is a small brown fish with frill like fins on the top and the bottom of its body, but the mouth is the most amazing part of the appearance of it.

This creatures mouth is amazing. It opens it mouth wide to fight off others. When met with its own kind they wrestle with they’re mouths. But that’s not all. When wide open the mouth is spectacular. The rim is yellow and the part that makes up the cheeks is green. It’s mouth is filled with long, jagged teeth.

They are here to bite for six years. Not long to live but they’ll leave their mark.  They have quite an attitude. They eat what ever swims in front of their home. If your a diver you better watch it because this thing will jump out and chase you away from their home.

The sarcastic fringehead will fight for its home. They live in shells or things like plastic cups and cans.

This creature is a protective one. If you step in front of its home your in for an unfriendly experience. With an amazing mouth this fish has left its mark on the world and a few divers as well.

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