April 2016

the dentist

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i have to get braces soon,
so i decided to expel my anxiety and anger
through a “catchy” poem

that dastardly dentist deems my death
sticking needles in my mouth as i take my last breath
i pray in my head as i wish to be dead
but instead, they take teeth from my head

i lounge in this chair as i stare at the light
it’s much too bright, but it’s better a sight
than the face of a dentist as they poke at a tooth
but they gave me a gel that’s supposed to sooth

so they send me away, drunk on drugs and laughing gas
but my time at the dentist has not come to pass
in two weeks i’ve go to go to fix my crooked smile
i wish they had lied and said “oh, not for a while

i wish they had lied, but…

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Loving Yourself For Who You Are

Loving Yourself For Who You Are

Ink and Stone

He used a pen

to write in stone.

The word which now

you behold.

They took some rocks

and hit the stone.

They tried to erase his marks,

but the words sunk unto the depths of the stone.

They used a sword to cut the rock

but the words rang out loud and clear

The pen had overthrown the sword.




Look up

Do you see the sky

Look down

Can you see the ground

Look up

Look up again

Look at the stars

gleaming bright

Just within your sight

Pointing towards a better day

So look up

Look up I say.


Laugh out loud.

Laugh to the sky.

Without a laugh I would die.

Laughter is truly the best medicine.

I’m addicted to it.

I love to smile.

I need to laugh.

I feel broken.

I hurt.

But when I laugh

I cant feel the healing.

I’m addicted to the laughter.



Running with fright.

Running in flight.

Dreams pass by me.

This electric race.

Adrenalines pumps through me.

My feet are heating up.

I grab those dreams by they’re tail.

I pull them behind me.

I pass all my competitors.

I’m running for my life.

If I stop these troubles will swallow me.

I’m running for me dreams.

They can’t get ahead of me.

I’m going to drown if I don’t move.

Running from fright.

Running for flight.


Pain comes

Pain leaves

You hate being numb

You can’t stand the feeling





Pain comes

Pain leaves

It won’t stay

It will leave sweetness and joy in its place

Cry now

Smile later

Pain comes

Pain leaves

Never (contradiction)

Never speak negative.

Never misbehave.

Never speak with sharp tounge,

says you.

Never be happy,

Never do what I want.

Never speak freely,

says I.

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