May 2016

Washed Away

a blue ocean washed over my feet.

the sand sticking to my toes reminded me of you.

how you stuck to me.

the irritation consuming my mind.

But the water washed you away.

cleaning my of you.

you’re in the ocean.

drifting away.

until more sand comes my way.

Don’t Write a Poem when You are Angry

Don’t write a poem when you are angry.

You are bound to say something mean.

Don’t sing a song when you are sad.

You are going to make someone else feel you pain.

Don’t talk to a bully when you are joyuss.

They will make you feel bad.

Do write a poem when you are joyuss.

You are bound to make someone else feel that way to.

Do talk to a bully when you’re mad.

You are going to show them who’s boss.

Do write a poem when you are sad.

You can always throw it away.

I am Sad

I cannot believe the inhumanity of some people. Today I was eating with a group. While eating a man came and told us he thinks there’s a dog in the garbage because he heard it. One of us climbed in the garbage, one black bag was moving. Inside was a puppy. It was a pit-bull I believe. Its head was bigger than its body from starving. It was covered in gunk. I felt a real connection to the poor, preasious thing. We took it to the vet. It had what I think was Polio. It was $500 for treatment and they told us that it may still die. We couldn’t afford that. They said they’d put it down. I wanted to help it so bad. I want to find the (censored big time) who did this. We found some addresses in the bag. We’ll turn it in to the police. (They probably won’t do a thing.)

I Tried To Rhyme

I tried to rhyme.

I have no time.

Writing nonsense.

Trying to sense,

the next sentence.

Like a gigantic fence,

blocking my dispense

of a tense

political offense.

My words fall

trying to stall.

My offensive take on rhyming.

Leaves my readers crying.

I am trying.

But my words just aren’t flying.

I tried to rhyme.

I have no time.

For such a silly thing,

like a rhyme.


Evolving Perceptions

We think, but we’re not clever
We exist, but not together
We live, but not forever
The time, is now or never

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