I cannot believe the inhumanity of some people. Today I was eating with a group. While eating a man came and told us he thinks there’s a dog in the garbage because he heard it. One of us climbed in the garbage, one black bag was moving. Inside was a puppy. It was a pit-bull I believe. Its head was bigger than its body from starving. It was covered in gunk. I felt a real connection to the poor, preasious thing. We took it to the vet. It had what I think was Polio. It was $500 for treatment and they told us that it may still die. We couldn’t afford that. They said they’d put it down. I wanted to help it so bad. I want to find the (censored big time) who did this. We found some addresses in the bag. We’ll turn it in to the police. (They probably won’t do a thing.)