June 2016

Lord, You are Great

Lord, you are great.

You find the lost,

and guide the found.

You bring sinners to their knees,

in prayer and bring such

amazing grace.

You never leave and you hear every spoken

word and unspoken thought.

I love you because you have always loved me.

Thank You .

In you beautiful and amazing name.



Give It All

Do you know God has a plan for you?

Did you know the world counts on you?

You sit on your couch.

Your watch that blearing screen,

till you mind drops into senseless dreams.

Working in a unhappy place.

Till the tv sends the bad things away.

You wonder how you got there.

You waste away.

But there’s a better way.

Petal to the metal.

Fill in Gods plan for you.

Do what you know you need to do.

Only you bring yourself

to this world.


Sharp Drop

I used to fly.

I felt freedom above the puffy clouds in the sky.

Now I sharply spiral down wards.

Plummeting to the rocks sticking up in shards.

Air hits my face like a whip.

The cold starts to seep through me and nip.

The rocks become closer, until I can make out every groove in their surface.

Hitting the water felt like being smacked by a mace.

But the stop clamed me.

I opened my eyes to see.

My face moved through the face of the water.

I breathed in as much air as I could consume.

I looked out of this place at the cliffs below.

They stared back at me, until I let go.

Let go of fear.

I felt that peace in my life is near.

On the Ground

His rose fell out of her hands to the ground.
Both had taken damage.
A battle not a war.
A skirmish no more.
But the damage was done.
With no more to say,
they turned away.

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