The cliff is a straight drop in to a raging river that crashes against this giant of a cliff. Someday this cliff will no longer exist except in my memory because the water will have washed it far away. The water will move this giant into the ocean where it will become a speck of dirt. Unseen and unknown. But I know this cliff and the ones before. I have seen much of the past blown away by my friend, the water.

I only wait a second before I jump off the cliff falling towards the water. I can feel the spray against me, pelting like hail but pushing up against me. I sour over my friend and it gurgles as if to say, “Hello, Wind.”

I push ahead racing the water but it has already won as we spread away and I move to the floating ship ahead. I provide a relief to the poor sailors working in the terrible heat. I bring relief, no matter how short, to them. I can’t stay for long so I circle and give them one last breath before I move on and I can hear them grumble as I leave.

I move along to the coast where it is cold and wet. I move quickly to get away so I don’t chill the people walking along the sand longer then I have to. My presence only revoked complaints even though I was trying not to freeze them.

I moved up towards the sky and into the clouds, pushing them with me. The sun warms me while I work the clouds away from the coast, to give the people below the warmth of the sun.

I gently come down to a forest and stir the leaves before settling down onto the ground. The trees block my path so I cannot move very fast but that is okay. I can take in the sights of the new plants I don’t recognize and the old ones I do. The trees sway to greet me and usher me along.

I exit the forest and come to the great cliff. It is now smaller. My friend water has been busy. I only wait a second I jump to greet the water and hear it greet me, the Wind.