Being a Victim

I live in my room.

I can hear you screaming below me.

You mouth spits foul language.

You never stop.

For years I cried over your hate.

Now tears turned to anger.

I used to cry when you wanted rid of me.

Know I wish I was anywhere else.

I never do enough for you.

But I honestly don’t care.

I don’t hate you.

I just want to live.

I think you want me to die.

I want to fly.

You want me to crash.

Your anger is your  problem.

Yet it floats like mist.

I never figured out why.

But I will survive.

I’ll never understand.

I forgive you though.


They Said

They said I am dark.
I say misunderstood.
They said I try to be different.
I say I AM different.

Maybe they should listen.

Haten’ on my dreams.

I can’t stand it.

They said I can’t sing.

I say I can.

They said I won’t make it.

I say I’ll prove them wrong.

They said I’m influential.

I say I don’t need them to tell me who I am.

They talk behind my back.

They made me believe.

I know now.




After Love

No matter what I do,
it’s not good enough.
Our voices float to the sky in a deafening roar.
Can you feel the ground shake?
Do you see my pain?
Do you feel my anger?
How can you be so blind?
One day I always say.
My feathered wings will spread and fly.
Never again.
The clouds so lite.
My hope so bright.
It still won’t be enough for you.


Anger is a sword.

An emptiness of cruel words.

 A taker not of hope but of a good day.

No smiles.

Not an once of cheerfulness.

The morning gets washed away into pain.

Look to the sky.

Try to find peace and joy.

A kick or a hit will not fix things.

It’s okay.

They need to know.

Let your feelings show.


A headache and a nightmare.

A daydream and a blink.

Unrestfulness and tiredness.

An organized mess.

A gift and a blessing.

Tears and joy.

Annoyances and so much more.

When you are just about to break,

once again you are reminded what a beautiful and meaningful life you have.

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