What haunts my mind so that I believe I am,

like Alice in Wonderland?

Is it wrong to be like this?

To be tormented with perpetual bliss.

Sanity locked away in the corners of my mind

as if it committed a crime.

My words are so straight

they are bent in a loop.

People fear me because

they know what I say is true.

Maybe it is not I who is crazy,

but it is you.




Secret Meanings

I don’t want to hear your metaphors.

Covered wordplay.

A secret you won’t unveil.

The cats in the bag and it needs to breath.

So do I.

The message is unclear

and your point is lost.

Speak English.

Cut to the chase.

No one wants to hear you speak secret meanings.




Dreams that float away.

Mysteries that come my way.

The flow of thought,

disappears as it ought not.

The music that once sang,

is now gone with a pang.

I hide in the hollow of a tree,

hiding from the waves of the sea of misery.

Trying to fill the empty tree,

save it from feeling like me.

But splinters stick to my side,

I fear of the reside.

Never had I loved this feeling,

like always being,



Insanity is normal.

No such thing as formal.

Normality is shunned.

My thoughts will leave you stunned.

Dragons glow.

Just to show.

Turtles run.

This fun has just begun.

Nightmares that don’t scare.

But leave me needing air.

These dreams are strange.

Do I want them to change.

Music without words.

I speak through cords.

True love hurts.

My pain diverts.

Do I want this to end.

Or is it my friend.

These dreams are abnormal.

But insanity is normal.





You caused her woe.

But on her you stubbed your toe.

Before, they were flitting right past you.

You’re so confused and you don’t know what to do.

You made them fall in love.

They’re falling on you from above.

It wasn’t your fault.

Your feelings started to halt.

Messing with the good fairies.

Devouring they’re love like it’s a berry.

You should have left them alone.

They’re taking what you have to the bone.

Guess you deserve it though.

To them everything you owe.

Fairies taking it all.

For the silent one, you fell.

You caused her woe.

But on her you stubbed your toe.

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