When a Writer Picks Up His Pencil…….

When a writer picks up his pencil,

he pens down a scene from the movie in his head.

When a poet picks up her pencil,

the sight of beauty is put into words.

When an artist picks up his paintbrush,

the beauty of the world pours onto parchment.

When the writer of a song picks up her pencil,

her feelings flow onto a sheet of music.

When a sketch artist picks up his pencil,

he sees and impresses with his heart and mind.

When a composer picks up his pencil,

the sound of music will soon be clear

When you pick up your pencil……


Red Rose On A Snowy Bench

Hondrea sat on a bench in the snow storm. As she watched the flakes flutter by wonder filled her mind.

She thought about the notes that had been left in her locker, admiring her and telling her how lucky she is. The last one had said, “Meet me in the school parking lot on one of the benches.”

She saw someone come towards her. Her heart began to thump as he sat and turned to her.

It was Gregory. He was the smartest guy in her class and she had, had a crush on him for a while now. He handed her a red rose and asked, “Can I walk you home?”

She dropped the rose and took his hand. When she looked back all she could see was the red rose on a snowy bench.

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