Don’t Write a Poem when You are Angry

Don’t write a poem when you are angry.

You are bound to say something mean.

Don’t sing a song when you are sad.

You are going to make someone else feel you pain.

Don’t talk to a bully when you are joyuss.

They will make you feel bad.

Do write a poem when you are joyuss.

You are bound to make someone else feel that way to.

Do talk to a bully when you’re mad.

You are going to show them who’s boss.

Do write a poem when you are sad.

You can always throw it away.

Raging and the Peace

Rain poured down in buckets. Pounding my window. At least I wouldn’t have to water my plants. I watched the drops of liquid fall down the glass.

Rainbows splattered my white walls. I didn’t move as to not disturb them. They created a bliss in my mind that wasn’t there previously, like the rainbows had calming effects.

I thought for a second. My mind was calm and abnormally quiet. It was as if the storm had quieted the racing in my mind.  I felt weird because I never felt peaceful.

The storm raged on. Getting more ferocious by the minute.  The rain pounded so hard and loud I thought the glass would break. I wondered at the sheer force of this storm. It was really quite amazing how something so destructive could give me peace.

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