New Year

New Year: 2016

The new year doesn’t unfold like dawn.

Instead it moves like a snail.

The last year was a depression.

I want every year to be sad when it ends.

A sweet sadness, an end and beginning.

My new year resolution made.

Soon will be broken.

But the light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter than fireworks.

A rock has lain unturned at my feet too long.

I think its times to show the world who I am.

To make friends, go places, and have fun.

So I welcome the new year.

For I am going to turn 2016 upside down.

Happy New Year.


New Years

Staring across the sky,

wondering what this year will be like.

Fireworks light up the night.

2017 has arrived.

Goodbye 2016.

New promises and better chances.

Resolutions and dreams.

Its time to start over once again.

So fireworks, light it up and burn it down.

There’s fire in the sky.

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