Falling into the Dark

I can feel myself falling and I want to fight,

but I can feel myself losing light.

Down the hatch, shut below.

I’ve really reached the lowest low.

Rock bottom has a basement

and I’ve been caught in its entrapment.

They say there’s only one place to go

but now that I’m here, I don’t know!







Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to the poor and rich.

I hope that snow fills your street

and warmth fills your heart.

I hope that presents and stockings

make you happy.

But I hope you don’t forget,

that Jesus died for you.

And Christmas is the day to

celebrate his birth.

Merry Christmas and God bless.


You found him in an empty alley.

You took him home and gave it a life.

Now the dog is your best friend.

He follows your every move.

He guards the door and keeps you safe.

Dogs are men’s’ best friend.

What would we do with out them?


A Drop of Water

I am a drop of water in a long lasting cycle.

I travel from lake to sky, from sky to lake.

I drop down on the heads of people from above.

I can evoke sadness or joy.

Cause a grown up to cry and a child to laugh.

I am the drop of water that splashed you when the waves in the ocean crashed the sand.

I am a drop among millions.

I am a drop of water in a long lasting cycle.

I travel from lake to sky, from sky to lake.

On the Ground

His rose fell out of her hands to the ground.
Both had taken damage.
A battle not a war.
A skirmish no more.
But the damage was done.
With no more to say,
they turned away.

Washed Away

a blue ocean washed over my feet.

the sand sticking to my toes reminded me of you.

how you stuck to me.

the irritation consuming my mind.

But the water washed you away.

cleaning my of you.

you’re in the ocean.

drifting away.

until more sand comes my way.

I Tried To Rhyme

I tried to rhyme.

I have no time.

Writing nonsense.

Trying to sense,

the next sentence.

Like a gigantic fence,

blocking my dispense

of a tense

political offense.

My words fall

trying to stall.

My offensive take on rhyming.

Leaves my readers crying.

I am trying.

But my words just aren’t flying.

I tried to rhyme.

I have no time.

For such a silly thing,

like a rhyme.



Look up

Do you see the sky

Look down

Can you see the ground

Look up

Look up again

Look at the stars

gleaming bright

Just within your sight

Pointing towards a better day

So look up

Look up I say.


Pain comes

Pain leaves

You hate being numb

You can’t stand the feeling





Pain comes

Pain leaves

It won’t stay

It will leave sweetness and joy in its place

Cry now

Smile later

Pain comes

Pain leaves

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