What haunts my mind so that I believe I am,

like Alice in Wonderland?

Is it wrong to be like this?

To be tormented with perpetual bliss.

Sanity locked away in the corners of my mind

as if it committed a crime.

My words are so straight

they are bent in a loop.

People fear me because

they know what I say is true.

Maybe it is not I who is crazy,

but it is you.




Lord, You are Great

Lord, you are great.

You find the lost,

and guide the found.

You bring sinners to their knees,

in prayer and bring such

amazing grace.

You never leave and you hear every spoken

word and unspoken thought.

I love you because you have always loved me.

Thank You .

In you beautiful and amazing name.


Ink and Stone

He used a pen

to write in stone.

The word which now

you behold.

They took some rocks

and hit the stone.

They tried to erase his marks,

but the words sunk unto the depths of the stone.

They used a sword to cut the rock

but the words rang out loud and clear

The pen had overthrown the sword.


New Years

Staring across the sky,

wondering what this year will be like.

Fireworks light up the night.

2017 has arrived.

Goodbye 2016.

New promises and better chances.

Resolutions and dreams.

Its time to start over once again.

So fireworks, light it up and burn it down.

There’s fire in the sky.


You caused her woe.

But on her you stubbed your toe.

Before, they were flitting right past you.

You’re so confused and you don’t know what to do.

You made them fall in love.

They’re falling on you from above.

It wasn’t your fault.

Your feelings started to halt.

Messing with the good fairies.

Devouring they’re love like it’s a berry.

You should have left them alone.

They’re taking what you have to the bone.

Guess you deserve it though.

To them everything you owe.

Fairies taking it all.

For the silent one, you fell.

You caused her woe.

But on her you stubbed your toe.

After Love

No matter what I do,
it’s not good enough.
Our voices float to the sky in a deafening roar.
Can you feel the ground shake?
Do you see my pain?
Do you feel my anger?
How can you be so blind?
One day I always say.
My feathered wings will spread and fly.
Never again.
The clouds so lite.
My hope so bright.
It still won’t be enough for you.

When a Writer Picks Up His Pencil…….

When a writer picks up his pencil,

he pens down a scene from the movie in his head.

When a poet picks up her pencil,

the sight of beauty is put into words.

When an artist picks up his paintbrush,

the beauty of the world pours onto parchment.

When the writer of a song picks up her pencil,

her feelings flow onto a sheet of music.

When a sketch artist picks up his pencil,

he sees and impresses with his heart and mind.

When a composer picks up his pencil,

the sound of music will soon be clear

When you pick up your pencil……


After the anger you come crashing down.

Tears fill your eyes.

Your feelings can’t be lifted.

There is no blue.

They stand there and watch you.

They dare not comfort you.

You stand against your own thoughts.

You just want to scream and run.

but your kept in place by the people who watch you.

Sadness sweeps you away like the ocean currents.

Find comfort, search for love.


A headache and a nightmare.

A daydream and a blink.

Unrestfulness and tiredness.

An organized mess.

A gift and a blessing.

Tears and joy.

Annoyances and so much more.

When you are just about to break,

once again you are reminded what a beautiful and meaningful life you have.

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