I pulled the comforters up to my chin and turned to my side to fall asleep. I looked at the large snow globe on my side table. The only things on it were an alarm set for five and a the large snow globe. Inside of it were two skeletons laughing mainiaticaly and the black glitter that snowed down if you upturned it. I reached over and did just that. As the black collected at the top, I twisted the knob at the bottom. I fell into the land of nowhere listening to the annoying tinkling of the musical snow globe.

The next morning¬†I had woken up and the snow globe was still tinkling. I didn’t think much of it, though. Instead, I went to breakfast and out the door to school.

School always seemed such a drag. But today was a good day. And that is because Randy Dowling had asked me to the school dance on Halloween. Totally a dream come true.

After that I went to my locker to get my books. I was so focused on looking at Randy’s beautiful blue eyes, chocolate-brown hair, and white teeth that I almost didn’t notice the broken snow globe on the bottom of my locker. It was large and the glass was broken on the left corner and cracks spread like lighting bolts across the top. Inside was nothing except for at the bottom was black glitter. On closer inspection it turned out to be dust. I shrugged and threw it in the trash wondering why would someone leave it there.

I was the only one home so I got straight to my homework. I was doing my math when the room began to shake. I ducked under the table but the earthquake only lasted a couple of seconds. When I came out from underneath the only thing that had been knocked over was a snow globe.

My mother collected snow globes for all seasons, holidays, events, etc. She loved Halloween. She puts up snow globes all over the house with skeletons and other creepy creatures.

I picked up the broken snow globe. There was some scattered glass but no liquid on the floor. The top of the globe looked exactly like the crack on the one I found in my locker. The little statue was missing as well.

I walked through the house checking to make sure that nothing else had been broken. Which to my surprise, nothing else was.

I walked back to the living room where my home work was. As I entered the door, I saw a shadow slip into the other room adjoining this one.

“Hello,” I called, but no one answered. So, I walked into the adjoining room, but no one was there.

Later that night, no one had spoken a word about the earth quake. Instead they all asked me about my date. (The dance was tonight.)

I was getting ready in my room that night when it happened again. The house began to shake. The walls shook and the floors rumbled. My snow globe crashed to the ground and I heard similar crashes downstairs.

I looked down the steps. All the Halloween globes had fallen to the ground, the crack pattern was the same as the others. My mother, father, and brother were in the living room unharmed staring at the mess. My mother looked up at me and called out, “Don’t worry about us, honey. Just finish getting ready.”

I nodded but got spooked, because I saw a swarm of shadows move into the other room. Wondering if I breathed in something. I was putting in my earing when I heard my door open. I turned around. In the door way was all the monsters from the snow globes.

In front was a Skeleton with a wicked grin. It’s jaw opened. A creaky voice escaped from some where. It said, “Hello.”