The Ocean

Ghost Ship

Sailing across a misty sea

what my poor eyes did see.

Upon  dark water

came floating,

a transparent ship.

Without crew it flew

above the depths.

It headed right for me

and fear took hold.

Its cannons rose and low and behold

it hit my ship, the Destiny.

She crackled and spit

and out with it.

We sunk to the bottom of the Black Sea.

And now I’m the captain,

the ruler of seas,

sailing on the Ghost Ship.


The Ocean

Blue and open.

Steady and vast.

Swelling, crashing waves.

Boats that move across your top,

know not what lay beyond the surface.

Underneath a whole new world of fish and creatures.

Many mysteries that go unexplained and many sights, the same.

God’s work, a beautiful sea; a depth of mystery and a vast length of beauty.

Home to creatures, big and small, but do not forget the predators that haunt the deep.

The surface is just a skin of blue that covers most of the globe; the creatures that live below   are the heart and beat, the home and story of the vast and blue sea; it is not just the ocean, But the home they live in.

Look Out

The blue-ringed octopus is extremely toxic. Being bit by this thing would be a disaster considering that there is no anti-venom. As upsetting as that is there is a chance not to get bit if you know what to look for.

Brown and small you would think nothing would tip you off but there is something quite significant about it. When made mad this octopus’s rings begin to glow blue. That is the warning sign.

If you do get bit because you didn’t see it telling you to back off you had better get to the closest hospital because its venom is fatal. You can make it if you do but instead of taking that chance just look out for the glowing blue rings.

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