Light in the Dark

Would you believe me is I said there was a glowing bird.

Probably not.

But you haven’t seen what I have.

You don’t see the dragons that stalk their prey in the forest.

You don’t see fairy’s fluttering around flowers.

You don’t see the flowers try to snap up them up.

The forest is dark.

So you would have to have good eyes to see them.

But I do.

And I see the little bird.

She’s building her nest.

She glows in the dark dark forest.

Hiding from dragons is not easy for her.

But she does.

Those silly fairies want her feathers.

because she is the only light in this dark forest.


Raging and the Peace

Rain poured down in buckets. Pounding my window. At least I wouldn’t have to water my plants. I watched the drops of liquid fall down the glass.

Rainbows splattered my white walls. I didn’t move as to not disturb them. They created a bliss in my mind that wasn’t there previously, like the rainbows had calming effects.

I thought for a second. My mind was calm and abnormally quiet. It was as if the storm had quieted the racing in my mind.  I felt weird because I never felt peaceful.

The storm raged on. Getting more ferocious by the minute.  The rain pounded so hard and loud I thought the glass would break. I wondered at the sheer force of this storm. It was really quite amazing how something so destructive could give me peace.

I Wonder

My heart’s trapped.
I wonder….
Do you?
Her power is contained.
What would happen.
I wonder….
His limit is pushed.
He might snap.
I wonder….
Her hope was crushed.
It became more.
I wonder….
Her dream was shattered.
She built it again.
I wonder….
She married.
A child in 3 months.
I wonder….
A childs face
is facing the sun.
I wonder….
I wonder….

True Fantasy

To show her fantasties, will plant a seed in her heart.
To make them come true will capture her heart.

The Glass Heart

Hanging from her neck.

The chain set in silver.

Her hand closes around the charm.

The glass heart beats between her fingers. 

Given to her by her high school sweet heart,

she wondered if he ever thought of her.

Never had she known someone like him.

Never had she known a truer love.

A sweet smile she has not seen since,

the night they were swept apart by the ocean of different lives.

Now the streets are cold.

But she always feels a little better with the weight of the glass heart under her sweater.







The heart is mistaken for when it is broken it is truly content. When it is content, it is truly broken.

Look Out

The blue-ringed octopus is extremely toxic. Being bit by this thing would be a disaster considering that there is no anti-venom. As upsetting as that is there is a chance not to get bit if you know what to look for.

Brown and small you would think nothing would tip you off but there is something quite significant about it. When made mad this octopus’s rings begin to glow blue. That is the warning sign.

If you do get bit because you didn’t see it telling you to back off you had better get to the closest hospital because its venom is fatal. You can make it if you do but instead of taking that chance just look out for the glowing blue rings.

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